Out of ideas for Mother’s Day this year? We know it’s right around the corner, and perhaps, feeling a little frustrated. No worries! Here are 5 small things you can do to let your mother know you love her:

1. Make her breakfast!
Nothing beats a beautiful homemade breakfast! Surprise her with congee and fried noodles, or perhaps, a western breakfast, like blueberry pancakes with vanilla ice cream. Let her wake up to the delicious smells and make her feel extra pampered that morning. Your mom will definitely love it since you prepared it by yourself!


Raspberry-Cinnamon French Toast Recipe


Raspberry-Cinnamon French Toast Recipe

Make this irresistible french toast for your mum! The end result is sweet and satisfying, and it tastes almost like bread pudding.


Get the recipe from Taste of Home.

2. Give her a hug, a kiss and say “I love you!”
A few simple, sweet actions and words would warm her heart. Perhaps we are too busy with our lives and have forgotten to appreciate the woman who gave birth to us. A kiss and a hug will make for the best gift, as always!

I love you mum

3. Tell her “You are beautiful!”
Remember the video that went viral recently, talking about women’s beauty?

Lots of moms are their own worst critics and always consider themselves as not beautiful, because of their age or the trials they’ve had. They tend to forget that they are actually the most beautiful person in our lives! On this special day, simply tell you mom “You are beautiful!” and without doubt, you will see the most beautiful smile on her face!

4. SING her a song!

Oh… not a good singer? No worries! Simply play a YouTube track and try lip-synching!  Don’t have any ideas about what song to sing? Try James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” or Spice Girls’ “Mama I Love You”?  Start practicing today!

Check out Billboard to get “Dear Mama Playlist” which staple 20 great songs for Mother’s Day!

5. Make her feel Special!

You could go watch a movie and go for dinner at her favourite restaurant. Perhaps, you could go shopping with her or bake a cake together.

If you are an expat and cannot celebrate Mother’s Day, why not give your mom a call that day or even send her a message card. A small action can still get her feel  touch and happy.

All of the above are great ideas for Mother’s Day! The most important thing is to spend time with your mom and show how thankful you are for all she has done for. Treat her like your number one and take this opportunity to make her feel spoilt!

To be honest, showing our appreciation for our moms is something we should do every day! You can use these 5 small things any day of the year to warm your mom’s heart! Let’s make her day and make her feel spoilt!

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