Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday 9th May – the day we celebrate what wonderful mommies we have! In case you are stumped for ideas on what to give her, we’ve put together a Mother’s Day experience gift guide for you. Click here or see below to find out what kind of mother you have, whether you have a Career Mom, Foodie Mom or an Active Mom and see what experiences we would recommend.

What kind of mom do you have?

  1. Career Mom – Keeps updating her to-do list; Talks on the phone whilst driving (hands free, of course); Always checks her Blackberry; Closely follows the stock market.
  2. Foodie Mom – Makes the best cookies; Enjoys cooking up a big feast; Loves to explore local food markets; Has a favorite TV cooking program.
  3. Active Mom – Enjoys staying in shape; Loves being outdoors and going hiking; Has a daily yoga routine; Likes to be in the sunshine.

Click here for our experience gift recommendations.


When asked what category his mom fell into, a friend of ours said:

My 73-year-old mother by default would have to fit into the Foodie Mom category, whereas my wife (mummy of 2) would split evenly across all three.

Please note that the three categories are not mutually exclusive. We know there are multi-talented, multi-tasking, superwoman mummies out there!

Win your Mother’s Day gift!

We want to hear your stories about what kind of mom you have and what gifts you’ve given to her in the past. The best story wins a prize just in time for Mother’s Day! Click here for more details.

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