We recently received a great review from a couple who went on the Scrapbooking Workshop. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing their story on how they got on, below is their full story:

We were at first a little be nervous over what we needed to do – we hadn’t done scrap-booking in a very long time and while we wanted to have fun and tap into our inner child, it took us a bit of time to be comfortable with making a mess and just having a bit of creative fun! We flipped at other scrapbooks for inspiration, although the more i looked, the more i thought, “God! I can’t be this creative!” But the instructor showed us around and offered advice on how things could be done. She was also very friendly and encouraging which helped. We took a long time getting the first page done – partly because we were new at it and partly because we were a little hesitant, but once we properly started, the inspiration and enthusiasm flowed in. The more pages we worked on, the faster we were! 3 hours later, we were on our final touches with our last page or two. The time flew by very quickly with a lot of sprinkles and embossing and cutting and stamping. What a mess we made! But the scrapbook looked amazing and we were both very pleased with it. We worked on one scrapbook together, sometimes on individual pages, other times together on one page. If we had more time, i think we would have worked on both sides too! (although we only had 11 photos!) It was definitely a nice and unique experience for us to feel relaxed and reminisce the old times we shared together. and it made us realize that it’s not too late for adults to be creative like a child again!

Here is a picture of their amazing creation!

Jennifer's beautiful scrapbook cover

Jennifer’s beautiful scrapbook cover

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