We believe that students are our future leaders. Having a first hand view of the workplace is a great opportunity for youngsters to explore their interests and learn how they can one day contribute to their community. Thus, last month, we had two job shadow students come in to work with us for a day!

The job shadow experience, “Imagine yourself as an… Events and Marketing Professional”, was sponsored by Spoilt as one of the silent auction items for the Kids4Kids‘ “Imagine” Gala Dinner. Our two job shadow students, Amber and Miguel, are both from the Kids4Kids Advocates Leadership Team and were interested in getting to know the business world.

On 16 April, they were given a chance to work with the Spoilt team to get an inside look at our day-to-day. After a quick briefing about how Spoilt works, they started the day with our product development associate writing FAQs for different experiences. After a hearty welcome lunch, they learned about Search Engine Optimisation for online marketing. They were then introduced to the job of client servicing and helped to prepare gift packages. Finally, they joined our Events team and tried their hand as event planners by drafting a rundown for an upcoming party.

The day ended with us taking photos to remember this wonderful experience! We all had an enjoyable day with Amber and Miguel. They were bright teenagers and asked lots of great questions. It was our pleasure to have them around and we will certainly consider having more student interns in the future!

Let us share some of their reflections from their experience:

“My day at Spoilt was really amazing, I was able to learn a lot from this job shadowing experience… and thanking every one of the members at Spoilt for teaching us very valuable information. Thank you Kids4Kids for providing me with this amazing job shadowing opportunity!”
– Amber Ko

“In summary, I learnt a lot about the fundamentals of marketing. By writing FAQs, I learnt the importance of understanding your customer; through the analysis of marketing phrases, I witnessed the significance of technology in the modern business world; I understand the means to customer relations by conversing with a member of the Spoilt team; and finally, I learnt the vital components that contribute to the coordination of any event. Though this was not the typical holiday for a teenager, this was an exceptional marketing work experience any student could ask for.”
– Miguel Borje

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