Spoilt has always been supportive of efforts to create a better future. Today, we are happy to announce that we have joined Ocean Park’s newly launched sustainability network – Blue Matters, in support of a bluer future!

Blue Matters aims to inspire, engage, and cultivate advocacy for marine environmental protection. This movement focuses on increasing public awareness about the scale of marine eco-issues and its impact on our environment, as well as on driving responsible, applicable, and sustainable solutions.

As part of the Blue Matters initiative, we look forward to bringing greater awareness to marine issues through our experiences. Offered in partnership with Ocean Park, our Meet a Dolphin, Penguin or Seal at Ocean Park and Scuba Diving in Ocean Park’s Grand Aquarium experiences provides participants the opportunity to not only interact with beloved marine animals, but also to understand the threats they face in their natural environment and what can be done to help. Part of the proceeds of these experiences also go towards the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation to support its research projects and public awareness programmes for conservation.

In the Spoilt office, we have stepped up to the challenge and joined the Go Recycling campaign. All waste will be identified and put into their corresponding recycling bins. The process is easy and we can all do it!

If you want to create a Bluer future with us, please take some time to learn more about at this meaningful project at //bluematters.oceanpark.com.hk/en/about/blue-network.html. Let’s create positive change together!


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