Over the past two months, the Spoilt team has been practicing their singing during lunch with one mission in mind – to record a Spoilt music album for the ages. We were invited by our long-time partner, Jon to experience one of our all time best selling experiences – Make Your Own CD, and we weren’t going to let this chance go by unprepared! We’ve got several talented singers on the team, but by the end of it, we all felt like stars. It was our POP STAR DREAM come true!

On the day of the experience, we recorded our ‘Spoilt-themed’ songs at Jon’s professional music studio in Central. The songs we sang included What a Wonderful World, I Believe I Can Fly, Under the Sea, Dancing Queen and It’s My Life! Jon showed us his professional chops as producer, patiently guiding us through the recording process and encouraging all of us to let loose and sing together . It was a surreal experience from start to finish – from having to sing into professional mics that eclipsed our faces to hearing our voices come together in the recording studio. We finished on a high with It’s My Life and Dancing Queen, breaking into dance and, to Jon’s wry amusement, starting a mosh pit in the sound booth. This was definitely one of our favourite team building activities and we can’t wait to hear the final produced album!

If you are also passionate about singing or know someone who longs to be a singer, don’t miss this Make Your Own CD experience. Or if are playing in a band, grab your bandmates to experience the Make Your Own Band CD! You’ll have memories to last you a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Book your CD recording experience now!

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