On the 5th November 2012, the Spoilt crew had the first trial of the Flight Simulator Experience. It was an exciting yet challenging team building experience!


“Before we had our first solo flight in the flight simulator cockpit, a short briefing was given by a professional licensed pilot explaining all the instruments and controls. Each member was given a chance to be the captain and flew from Chek Lap Kok Airport to the old Kai Tak Airport. After a round of warm up, members were then assigned to different roles like pilot, co-pilot, engineer and air traffic controller. The task was very challenging as we not only had to fly a plane, but also had to encounter problems like oil leakage! The whole journey was thrilling, communication between each party was very important if not we might enter into the air force prohibited area or crash into a mountain. Luckily, we were responsive enough so the plane could land safely!” – Captain Chan, Spoilt Airline




So are you ready to take your own flight? From November onwards, Spoilt announces the relaunch of our Flight Simulator Experience. You may either choose a 45 min or 75 min flight simulator experience in a Boeing 737 simulator cockpit. Our professional licensed pilot instructor will guide you through the whole journey and you will be the captain to take control of your own flight.

Wait no more, choose your own flight path, fasten your seat belt and enjoy your first solo flight with friends and family!

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