Stepping into the year of 2014, the Spoilt team is already hard at work trialing new experiences. Last Wednesday, the entire Spoilt team was invited to a private wine tasting at our new partner’s warehouse.

It was a surprisingly high-octane wine tasting experience, complete with a tour of a high security wine vault that would not have looked out of place in a James Bond movie. We’re talking steel plated walls and vacuum sealed rooms where you have to stand between the marked lines. We also got a peek of their state-of-the-art warehouse where they store over 150,000 bottles of wine. The temperature and humidity level are strictly controlled at 13 degrees and 70% respectively. This helps to keep the corks moist at all times and ensures that the wines are kept in the best possible environment to maintain their quality.

After the tour, we were swept into an extravagant lounge with a sprawling view of Ap Lei Chau and the islands beyond. There, Joseph, the managing director, introduced us to a Canadian white wine and a Tempranillo red and gave us some fascinating insights into the joys and tribulations of the wine business in Hong Kong. We ended the night with a taste of the Brachetto d’Acqui, a pretty, sweet red that got a unanimous thumbs up from the team!

If you’re a wine lover, don’t miss our 3-Month Wine Tasting Experience. Each month, Joseph will select 6 bottles of quality boutique wines and have it sent directly to your door. It’s an effortless way to to reinvigorate your wine palate and explore the world of artisan wines!


The Spoilt team went on our first Wine Tasting trial in 2014

The Spoilt team went on our first Wine Tasting trial in 2014

Joseph has been patiently explaining to us how to appreciate each wine.

Joseph patiently explained to us how to appreciate each wine.

This 3-Month Wine Tasting Experience is the perfect gift for those wine lovers!
This 3-Month Wine Tasting Experience will be the perfect gift for all wine lovers!

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