Our team here at the Spoilt office were so touched when we received this review from a group who aptly chose Remembrance Day (November 11th) to go on the WW2 Battlefields Walk. The walk itself takes place on the Wong Nai Chung Gap trail, where an experienced guide takes you through the story of the intense fighting between the Japanese and the allied forces as you walk past pillboxes, underground bunkers and an anti-aircraft battery. Here is the story of their Experience:

Martin Heyes is our guide. He is full of passion and very knowlegeable about the history and background leading up to the defence battle of Hong Kong. The resistance at Wong Nai Chung Gap was very well described and illustrated. He showed us the sites where Japanese active grenades were discovered only recently, 70 years after the conflict, and where a lot of trailers have been passing by ! He shared with us a lot of the anecdotes through his own research and experience. We did this Experience on the date of the Remembrance date. At the end of the trip, I really felt we owed the war heros their due respect. The trail itself is not long and not difficult to walk. They are well signed posted, but without Martin’s elaboration, our group would not have learnt as much just by reading the narratives. I would highly recommend this to the local residents of HK. It is part of our history and it is right in front of us. Bring the children, learn the story through English, as afterall, it was a British colony at the time of the WW2.
– Kenneth Lam (Experience Date: November 11th 2010, Group Size: 4 people)

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