December has rolled around again and the calendar is filled with parties. Christmas season is truly the best time for office parties to celebrate a year of hard work, big family meals or even just an excuse to gather your friends for a reunion. Unlike birthday parties where one person gets showered in gifts, the best thing about Christmas parties is of course, everyone gets a gift! However, it does come with the dilemma of who buys what and for who?

To help you out with your Christmas party planning, Spoilt has put together a simple guide to the popular Christmas gifting games – Secret Santa and Yankee Swap. Hope your Christmas gifting games turn out better than this one!



Secret Santa

How does it work?
Before the party, the guest list must be confirmed and one person must host the Secret Santa game. Match each guest randomly with another guest’s name. Once each guest has received their gift recipient’s name, they should keep it a secret and get a gift that is most suitable for him/her. Some hosts may also add guidelines such as price range of the gift or a theme. When everyone arrives at the party, wrapped and labelled gifts should be placed in a designated area. Guests can unwrap gifts one by one, whilst guessing who their ‘secret santa’ was!

Good for: Groups that all know each other.
Likely outcome: Everyone gets a thoughtful gift!

Spoilt Christmas Gifting Games: Secret Santa


Yankee Swap

How does it work?
Each party guest should bring a wrapped, unmarked gift and place it in a designated area. Party guests are given random numbers which determines the order which they select and unwrap gifts from the pile. The person who receives number 1 will pick a gift (that is not their own) from the pile and open it for all to see. The person who receives number 2 does the same. Then the fun begins. Number 2 can then choose either: 1) Keep their gift or 2) Swap with number 1. The person who receives number 3 also opens a gift and can decide to keep it or to swap it with an opened gift (either with number 1 or number 2). This continues in number order until all gifts have been opened.

The rules:

  • If someone has stolen your gift, you can steal someone else’s gift or choose to open an unwrapped gift.
  • A gift can only be “stolen” once during a turn. If a gift is taken from someone during one round she cannot take it back during that same round. She may, however, take it back in a future round.
  • A gift cannot be immediately stolen back from the player who just stole it.
  • Once a gift has 3 ‘owners’ the 3rd owner of a gift gets to keep it – it is retired and can’t be stolen again.

Good for: Any groups of 5 or more people.
Likely outcome: Stealing, screaming, excitement!

Spoilt Christmas Gifting Games: Yankee Swap

Spoilt Christmas Gifting Games: Yankee Swap


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